Gun Sanity

My Manifesto

I don’t want to hear of another deadly shooting of an innocent man, woman, or child. I don’t want to read of another school shooting. Or mall shooting. Or office rampage. I don’t want to feel helpless and fearful. I want to do something. I will do something. I will do something every day.

This Is My First Step

There are great resources on the Internet and many excellent organizations working to end gun violence. To make it easier to find all those resources, so that I can do something every day, I created this page. It’s my one-stop clearinghouse of actions, information, and tools to move us toward a safe, sane policy regarding guns and to help eliminate gun violence.

Take Action Today

Do one of these things right now. Do another one tomorrow. Keep speaking up and reaching out until the work is done. And it’s a long way from done.


This list of links will feature authoritative data to counter the campaign of misinformation perpetrated by the NRA and irrational gun nuts. No, I’m not talking about the hunter or the target shooter. I’m talking about the gun nuts. If you’re a safe, sane gun owner who doesn’t need to own military-style assault rifles and high capacity magazines, who keeps his or her guns unloaded and locked up when not in use, who doesn’t need to carry his or her weapon into the supermarket or fast food establishment, who doesn’t believe that the only solution to gun violence is to arm everyone, then you’re with us.

9 in 10 Americans support expanding background checks to include online sales and gun show sales. This includes over 80% of gun owners and 74% of NRA members.



  1. Nancy Ceccon on June 11, 2014 at 6:46 am

    Thank you, Ed, for the specific ideas and all the links! I am in NJ, Down The Shore. That terrible “accident” last year, where a 4 year old fished a loaded rifle out from under the bed, took it out to the front lawn, and killed his 6 year old neighbor, happened in my town, one neighborhood away from ours. We have an 8 year old with impulse control issues, and I get weird looks when I ask people about guns in their home, but I am terrified of the possibilities. The security at her elementary school is laughable. A few days ago, we had a kook arrested and removed from a school dance recital; he had gotten inside, armed with a machete, 2 knives, brass knuckles, pepper spray, and a stun gun. If he could conceal all that, he could have concealed a gun, and his arrest and removal may not have gone so well. There will always be kooks in our world, but a kook with an automatic weapon is simply terrifying. May I forward the link to a few like-minded friends locally, as well as out of state (cousin in CT and friend in VT come to mind; I’m sure I’ll think of others)?

    • Ed on June 11, 2014 at 7:42 am

      Nancy, I would be happy for you to share a link to this site with anyone you think will benefit from the info. My goal is to make it easy for everyone to speak their minds and do something to turn the tide of gun violence. I’m so sorry to hear of the tragedies and scares so close to home for you. Stay strong and stay positive…let’s get this changed!