About the Writer

Ed Tankersley, novelist, poet, and visual artistMy name is Ed Tankersley. I’m a writer from Phoenix, Arizona. My current writing project is The Distance Between Us, a contemporary novel. I expect to complete the first draft in 2019.

I wrote award-winning short fiction in college (Swarthout Award for fiction, 1986) but put fiction aside after college to pursue a career in advertising. Although I don’t regret having a stable income while my wife and I raised our two sons, I now have some catching up to do, writing-wise. My recent years have been about building a life focused on writing and engaging in the broader artistic community.

An excerpt of my novel-in-progress was published in Four Chambers issue 2, and it received a positive notice in The Review Review (see the sidebar for more on both of those things).

I take occasional “sabbaticals” from working on the novel to write short stories and poetry. It feels a bit like procrastination—and it probably is—but it’s rewarding now and then to actually finish something. It also gives me an excuse to get out into the writing community in Phoenix. I read my poems at open mics, and have been featured poet at several Phoenix events.

If you find anything you like on these pages, I hope you’ll leave me a comment. I love to hear what’s appealing to readers.